On Kyoukai no Kanata’s Ending: Was it an omega*?



Kyoukai No kanata’s ED theme song is really good.

I just recently Finished KyoAni’s latest Show Kyoukai no Kanata and There are a lot of things that run through my mind as I think deeper…


The show was actually quite good on the first 4 epsiodes… Never to mention that the coming of a strong opponent was really handled well and the direction was flowing smooth so to speak.


My problem started when episode 5 kicks in… Everything comes to a sudden slowdown… and that ended on the episode 8 where things got a bit good in pacing.


the last 4 episodes are quite good but not considered to be called a masterpiece, though there are few things that I actually liked especially the last part of episode 11, where Akihito Jumped A huge distance just to get his old self and be Reunited with Kuriyama Mirai.


Thus I shall elaborate the Goods and not-so-goods of this show.


1. The pacing for the first 4 episodes are superb(though the entry of Sakura made me curious on why did she appear on that time.) It was really a top-tier month

2. The Animation Quality was of course Great(as expected from KyoAni), and art department realy had the heart to make this quite good even when they are not on action episodes.

3. I think Hiroomi is the most developed character in this show(despite having to flaunt his sis-con tendencies when it’s joke time). In my observation, I think he is actually the only one that really grew a lot(next was Mitsuki though who had a rather good late character development).

4. The last 2 episodes are truly great.

5. The ED theme song(Daisy) was so great, I still listen to it.


The not-so-good:

1. I think the show never cleared on many things as the show progresses, like who is Akihito on the eyes of her Mother? What is he really? Why is that Miroku guy so obsessed with Isumi, are they lovers? or Rivals?, Who is Akihito’s dad? does Akihito had an Imouto? Was the ‘calm’ happens under a periodic cycle or it’s a signal that the awakening of Kyoukai no Kanata? Why did Mirai came back? Act of God? or Fate… because the Kyoukai no Kanata resides in Akihito’s body once more?, Etc…

2. Probably Episode 6 was the craziest episode that I’ll ever thought of… But no Offense I liked it, But in terms of relevance to the story… I can say it’s a filler or a Fanservice Episode(no Beach Episode in this one).

3. Sakura’s side story is good, but It lacked the fierceness, It lacked grudge… truly, Sakura was a bit confused in this one.

4. Mirai and Akihito’s chemistry is like oil and water… they never mix, Unless I knew why he keeps on Pestering Mirai on how Beautiful she was when she wear her glasses… I’ll never ask this question.


MAL Scoring: 9 (a Bit High for It still had the awesomeness of the last part of episode 11 and the continuation of 12.)

My Rating: B+ (effort and Quality animation, Should had been a A- if the ending was even better and there are lot of questions answered before the end)


Question: should you watch it? You better watch it.


Is this really the end?

*omega refers to the last letter of the greek alphabet

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