a synopsis of what I did these few months…

Lately, I’ve been Busy chugging down work, anime and even sleep(I work at night and sleep at the day) so I rarely go to check out what’s in or what’s out.

Here is a quick view of what I had been doing all this time.

1. Watching Da Capo(DC, DCSS, DCiiSS, DCiii)



– Da Capo iii is somewhat close to borderline ecchi butthe actual game is only for 15+(wiki)Funny Indeed. But the thing that never fails in Da Capo is that it always makes my day somewhat above crazy. Though I think this one will go unnoticed… I’d like to say, try to look out for this one also(If you like fanservice).

2. Yama no Susume

moutnaineering is...

mountaineering is…

Yama no Susume is probably one of my fave slice of life shows since Aria and Natsuiro Kiseki. And I think this will go into the same direction as I have been discussing with myself not so long ago.

3. Sasami-san@Ganbaranai

How the heck can he drive without looking what's in front o you?

How the heck can you drive without looking what’s in front of you?

Sasami-san is eerie, in many ways. I think I underestimated this one.(but still underbudgeted). So yeah I think I’m gonna like this.

4. Tamako Market

the bird...

the bird…

Tamako Market… let me say it’s fantastic and at the same time very heartwarming(not much, mure like cuddly).

At least the bird is funny enough. But I think the reason why I still watch this show is that I find it very entertaining and very cuddling(as I said a while ago.)


5.Saki Achiga-hen Specials
[Anon] Saki Episode of Side A - 14 [720p].mkv_snapshot_15.22_[2013.01.30_09.22.09]

Pretty Impressive indeed, I was actually trying to learn riichi Mahjong but no luck, I still find this show awesome(more awesome than the original run, But a bit lower than Saki itself.

Nontheless, it enough to say that it wants to shine bright. All I can do is wait and hopefully they can deliver it in style.

Me watching yuri again.

Me watching yuri again.

on other note: Yuu-nee is so beautiful when she wears her glasses

yuu-nee in her glasses.

yuu-nee in her glasses.

6. Pokemon

photo courtesy of Funnymama.

photo courtesy of Funnymama.

I freaking love playing pokemon, I think it has consumed most of my time spent in the computer.

7. Work.

Work, well I guess this is primarily the best reason why am really busy and all. [SO busy I can’t watch ‘Be careful with my heart’ (a Philippine Drama with Romance+comedy and a bit of slice of life elements)].

And so, here is the synopsis of what I have done this past two months.

[HorribleSubs] Yama no Susume - 09 [720p].mkv_snapshot_02.53_[2013.02.28_14.03.46]


Eat, Sleep, Work, Play... The philosophy of Working people.

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