Project 7.11 Third Part: Top 30 (10-1)

Finally the tops 10 to 1 are now in play.

I should waste no more time.

10. Azumanga Daioh.

They started it all.

I wonder when was the last time a show not so serious as this one has shake the world of mine?

but well, out of so many titles J.C. Staff has shown. This one still stands above the many rest(though there are shows that still stands above this one…) I can’t complain to how easy and groovy this one goes. So that’s it.

9. Mawaru Penguin Drum

Survival Strategy!!!

How cruel fate is?

that’s how this story goes and as it progresses it shows not only the good sides of the characters, but also their ugly and their desperate side of the story and as a matter of fact this show was giant jig-saw puzzle where twists are at every corner…

But in a worthwhile, although it’s shrouded in mystery and a lot of critical thinking may needed to decrypt the whole story itself… For me, It was a show that makes you feel that there’s something more to come. And man I’m a fan of mystery.

8. Death Note

the notebook that changed the world.

Deathnote. Probably one of those show where anyone could be a villain and the hero at the same time.

It was so fascinating and very exhilarating to watch something like this. And most likely, even though I really loved this show. There are still few shows that is better(in my sense) than this one. But never forget that the legend of L and Kira will never die… unless you have never watched this show yourself. Get a copy now and get the whole thing down. and I’ll guarantee you, You’ll never stop watching this one.

7. Code Geass

*insert lelouch evil laugh*

Code Geass is one of the reason why My weeknights was full.

In the Philippines, This was aired every night between 7:30PM – 8:00PM dubbed in our Language. It was breathtaking, it was phenomenal, and it was crazy.

Code Geass was one of the reasons why I rediscovered anime all over again.

I guess this is a  bit better than re-watching Naruto or One Piece or Bleach which is something that is Pre-dominant in my country(Philippines).

6. Puella Magi Magica Madoka.

SHAFT at it’s best

Madoka, The one who run my last year of College like MAD.

I mean every week, I try never miss watching this show and it look what I’ve got… Headache from looking and speculating over and over again.

And what’s good, It was revutionary, it re-created the world of how people look at Maho Shoujo anime should work. and the show itself has proved that there are dark days behind being a hero.

5. Spirited Away

All I can say was… Beautiful. Bravo! Bravo!

Spirited away. An animated movie created by the great Hayao Miyazuki. The Pillar of Studio Ghibli.

It was a story of Good vs Evil, but with values. It was a battle fought without anyone dying in the movie. It only shows that there are battles that can be solved not by bloody battles, but by believing in your self and by having friends who can help you in the time of need.

All I can say to this film is. Bravo! Bravo! Beautiful.

4. Fullmetal Alchemist(2002 version and Brotherhood)

The Shonen Manga that you should be watching

Forget about Naruto, or Bleach, or Fairy Tale or One Piece.(Which I will never present to you.) But Instead, I’ll show you something of action, something of comedy, and best of all, something that doesn’t suck at all. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Fullmetal Alchemist.

for the span of 105 episodes(Fullmetal Alchemist 2002 and Brotherhood combined), I guess this is one of the show that you must not forget watching. And Yes, You must never miss this one because you are busy with the four shows I present to you above. I challenge you, watch this and I’ll be glad to have an argument.

3. Tamayura(the OVA + ~hitotose)


Welcome Home. This is what this show’s title was all about. It’s a story of a girl welcoming herself back to where his father came to love. And yeah , the show was slow paced but it was lighthearted and a show that actually doesn’t suck at all. Instead, you’ll fell the drowsiness flowing on how slow things are.

On the lighter side, Tamayura also proves that it does not need catchy plot or very fluid battle scenes to become one… It only needs to touch the hearts and minds of all of it’s viewers.

2. Clannad(Clannad and Clannad ~after story)

Key + KyotoAnimation + good cast of characters = Superb Drama.

Flattery asides, Clannad proves to what I have stated above that it only needs to touch one’s hearts for a story to become a masterpiece.

I would definitely recommend watching this show. I’m sure you’l cry watching this one.

1.Aria(the Animation, Natural and Origination)

Embarrasing comments are prohibited.

Well,that’s it. Aria is my best choice for the Top 30 list and without further ado, I’ll explain why.

It’s actually quite simple… It’s because I can’t move on a day without watching this one and this one gave me tears when the show is coming to an end and the emotion was so great that it was something that I’ll shall be remembering as the one who started it as a boring show… ended with a bang, people say goodbye and life goes on. and with changes, a new opportunity and a fresh start also begins.

And that’s it. My top 30 list.

I guess I’ll make the Runner up edition soon.


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