Project 7.11 Second Part: Top 30 (11-20)

Luckily, I have time at this moment…

so as an Installment, here is my second part of my 4 part project.

I’ll waste no more time. I’ll deliver it to you now.

20. School Rumble (Season 1 and 2)

Harima gets all the girls.

School Rumble is one of those shows that I actually cared to repeat watching again…

Asides, this is also the show where the supporting characters gets their screen time.

But the one thing that still bothers me, why did the show ended with a big question?

19. ToraDora! 

Toradora is probably one of the few romance show that I had and also listed in my top 30.

Literally, it’s a crazy story of a girl and a boy both with different circumstances in life and have different   love interests… still ended up as a couple… and blah, blah, blah.

18. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (2006, 2010, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya)

The girl who run the world amok.

Haruhi is the show where common sense is not possible, though the concept of the show itself is sci-fi. therefore, this show really lacks in few things, how could it be so normal?

Haruhi is also one of the show where I was awed on how crazy things goes and how will Kyon handle the eccentricities of Haruhi.

I would actually recommend this show for those how is searching for romance/sci-fi/comedy.

But please, don’t watch endless 8.

17. Gake no Ue no Ponyo (Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea)

Ponyo is one of the animated movies that made it in the top 30 list (the other one is Spirited Away).

This movie reminds me of how 50’s American Cartoons were made, it was smooth and very fluid; rather than the American Cartoons that were made as of today.

I loved how this show progresses and how it was very refreshing to see once in a while a movie that makes you feel like a child.

16. Nichijou

Nichijou… is Awesome!!!

Nichijou was great. Since it is undeniably great I decided that I will put this one in my top 30.

And asides, I still need comedy in my life.

15. Saki (Saki and Saki: Achiga-hen)

The part where I almost cry seeing Toki took too much damage.


I never knew Mahjong could be this intense..

Nevermind the crazy scoring system and how should I play this game.

the important thing is there is action, fan-service and yuri(?).

And this show is definitely a good eye candy.

14. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

Probably the only CLAMP show belonged in the Top 30.

This show is the mixture of fun, fashion, Adventure and mystery.

This show has many things that I’m very amazed for; like fight scenes, the conspiracies and the awesomeness.

I actually recommend this one for a worthwhile enjoyment.

13. GA: Geijutsuka Arts Design Class

GA, is a wothwhile show.

It’s light hearted and it’s very entertaining. It’s also shows how good the interactions between the characters (the main and also the supporting ones too.)

For me, it already had a place in my heart and no matter what happens… It’s still a fun show watch.

12. Natsuiro Kieki

The latest addition to Top 30

Natsuiro Kiseki is somewhat very addicting…

actually, I just finished watching this show 2 weeks ago. so yeah… It’s a miracle I finished this one.

Feels like the rock’s fault.

But more importantly, this show proves that it is never to late to dream and also learn to accept changes.

11. K-on!

K-on! is probably the one of the few shows that made me an avid watcher of anime…

so yeah, it was warm and light and fluffy and the show itself was so full of fluff that maybe I’ll contract diabetes if I probably watch too much of this stuff.

animation wise… it’s too god.

story wise… well It’s fine but I admit I cried a few in the the finale and I can’t stop it.


Well, I guess…

That’s it the second part of my 4 part project.

the last part is definitely a blast.



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