Project 7.11 First Part: Top 30 (21-30)


Luckily, with much time I can actually made this one without making my usual schedule ruin the course of my project status.

And as I said back then I’m gonna start now my first part of my 3(or 4 if I decide on the runner ups) long post.

30. Rurouni Kenshin


I can’t say this one is a good show. But I actually loved the Edo part where Kenshin fights with Shishio in a death match.

But plot wise after the Edo part, everything changed and became dull to me.

But since I grew up watching this show, I guess this one has already found it’s place in my heart.

29. Shinryaku! Ika Musume


Who says an invasion can be this cute and funny?

Well, mostly the fact that this show shows nothing about invasion but more of how Ika Musume will survive in the world where she is seen as a prey, an experimental object, a model for cosplay,or worse a waitress of a beach house.

Well, but that’s life. at least I got the hang of it.

(P.S.) I haven’t finished the second season. so yeah all that I’m talking about is all about first season which has a lot of good stuff.

28. Gosick


Gosick, is special in some ways but flawed in many ways possible.

Gosick is something that appeals to my eyes but it lacks in depth. But, as the story progresses I came to learn that this one is a late bloomer and blew me in different ways possible. But my favorite part of the show is (*spoilers attached*) the train scene where I felt the tension of all characters(especially the main ones) on how they will save themselves on an impending danger ahead.

I can’t truly say it’s a good mystery show. but it’s so cheesy that you’ll like it.

27. A-Channel


A-Channel has been a silent contender in the top 30 list, and I decided that I shall put it because of few things.

* The characters are stereotypes, but they are enjoyable to watch and very dynamic.

* It’s a slice-of-life show. So basically a must watch for me.

* and it has a chemistry that made them very enjoyable to watch and it never had a dull moment to it.

If I can recommend a good slice-of-life show, I would always recommend this one.

26. Kami-sama no memochou


Kami-sama no memochou has a mist of mysterious air surrounding it.

When I check this one out, I was surprised on how good this show is. and partly to that, I love how the characters solved their case. It was revolutionary and at the same time dark.

Thus this show is one of my guilty pleasure of night time.

25. To Aru Kagaku no Railgun

Railgun is a spinoff therefore it has elements form the original that still lies in the show.

Railgun is what you called 30% action, 30% talk on theories and 40% talk on other people.

Sothe reason why railgun was here? I jack it up and found out that the second half of the show was so freaking bad-ass that it was worth mentioning that railgun is better at delivering action than it’s predecessor Index.

But, the overexposure of Kuroko’s yuri antics prove on how crazy this show is. (but appaled me in few ways.)

24. Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei

I’m in despair!


Seriously, this show has the most overreacting cast of all times. and besides of that this show proves that being negative… Well, does not help at all.

The thing that lacked in this show is simple: they lack in grip for the jokes that this show holds are kinda tricky and only few would only came to realize that these jokes are kinda silly. But still hard to learn.

I’m in despair!

I’m in despair!

I’m in despair!

I’m in despair!


23. Moyashimon

Nope this is not Moyashimon.

This is Moyashimon.

Moyashimon reminds me of college, but not so much.

The thing with moyashimon is it has the chemistry that exists within the characters and has the charm that enables them to become one of my favorites.

Plus to the fact that I’m watching the second season. This is the perfect reason why I should put germs in my good things to remember.

This show is technical in nature but asides from that , it’s very entertaining.

22. To Aru Majutsu no Index

Oh Index, Why can’t you be so soon?

the least part is, this show hasn’t introduced us to the later epic parts which were the good part of the story.

but till then, his one will have to wait for it’s time to shine…If the studio responsible for this one made a drastic move.

21. Twin Spica

Twin Spica, oh the majestic thing about space travel and an aspiring journey of a girl wanting to go to space.

I was a sucker for good drama, but I never knew that this one has drama behind it.

So, I salute the guys that made this one possible.


P.S The next part should come…

maybe next time if I had enough time to spare.


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4 comments on “Project 7.11 First Part: Top 30 (21-30)
  1. Mushyrulez says:

    Well, I’ll be looking forward to your next part…

  2. ~xxx says:

    Yeah, I actually have a list so I can write my top 30 with ease. My only problem was, I find it hard to make them fit.

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