Before the Project… My Review of OreImo.

Bleh! I think I need to restart after I watched. And asides, their title was ridiculously long.

After a long wait, I’ve finished one of the notorious shows in my list.

Well, OreImo is the story of a brother who changed his little sister little by little and made her a bit acceptable member of the society, and at the same time fulfill all her demands.

To cut things short it’s a story of otaku-sister who makes his normal brother become a crazy guy. Got It!

All I could heard was complains

So, Kyousuke was a bit Normal and very responsible. Not to mention he was the reason why he changed His Sister’s life.

And of course, if there are triumphs, there are complications.


And as a matter of fact, Kirino’s life was a roller coaster life and she had to live through the highest standards of her parents… especially his anti-otaku police dad.

The bigger Picture was, Being an otaku was a bit tough if you have unsupporting parents.

Man, Ain't he something to be feared of?

But what is worse… If you are a deemed to quit your 2nd life, and all seems to be dark and very bad to you. It makes you want to say I want to die or sort of things.


It reflects the true persons that are really supporting the industry and those who continue loving them.

And as a matter of fact, OreImo touches my heart… not as a fan of anime… but as an individual, who continues to help anybody. The only problem for me in this show was it never gave me some clear answers or had a greater impact on me.

Puella Magi was better... there's no need for them to cosplay it.


My favorite character there is Tamura Manami, the male protagonist’s childhood friend.

I wish I could have a friend like that.


Later on in the story Manami was the supporting character who practically helped Kyousuke do what he thinks is right and Manami was right there to support him all the way.(I’m proud of you! Bro!)

I wish I could see something like this in the future.

-The end-

Lovey dovey couple is all I need to see in the end.


Eat, Sleep, Work, Play... The philosophy of Working people.

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2 comments on “Before the Project… My Review of OreImo.
  1. Yi says:

    I thought it was a pretty good anime too, and I do enjoy watching a big brother help his little sister out. It’s cute and heartwarming.

  2. MkMiku says:

    Sounds like a good series. I’ve had in on hold for a while, just because I got caught up with other stuff, but your review makes me want to go finish it. As an older bother, it seems like it’s something I’ll be able to relate to, as well. >.<

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