What does it mean to be a blogger?

I mean, Being a blogger means hard work…

But I don’t really find it much fun rather than straining but I still like to continue in order for me to move on.

but to some, maybe to some it is a way for them to communicate to the world outside and to shout out their feelings to the people who wanted to read them. To show and share their views about a certain topic.

Anyways, I find it very entertaining in thought that at least I could voice out a little voice to the community what I really wanted.

Yeah, and It was anime.

Brings back memories...

Well, too much thinking is not good for me.


Eat, Sleep, Work, Play... The philosophy of Working people.

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2 comments on “What does it mean to be a blogger?
  1. Yi says:

    Haha, love the screenshots! Can so identify with most–all–those feelings. ^ ^

    Anyway, for me, blogging feels like work, and sometimes even not fun work. But the trade off. That sense of accomplishment when publishing a post makes it all worthwhile. Finding that balance between strain and fun is important… And I’m still searching.

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