Starting up the air…

I’m new here, Probably you think that I’m just a newbie that just stuck on this site for no reason at all except typing and saying what’s on my mind…

I really don’t know much about Blogging but I’ll try to be a bit decent in this one…

lion's heart

a way to uplift one's self

so I start on things associated with school…

When I heard about school there are many things that comes to my mind, Like:

1. Teachers

yes, Our teacher...

Teachers are the one’s who teaches us to become a better person and lead us to the right path no matter how harsh or very bad person he/she is… needless of age or gender… A teacher is also our parent when we are at school.

and don't forget the Class

becky and her gang.

2. The Class

And also the class is also important and makes a classroom and school possible, it makes classroom conversations livelier.

3. Tests

do you know what is the answer?

More Crappier and More Easier than seeing your daily problems… tests are the imperfect way to measure one’s IQ and how much a person have learned… So sad that I still had to face them… well, I can managed.

4. Friends

someone who'll stand by you through troubles

Friends… so many of them, and so many definitions… but a true friend will stand by you till the end.

5. others

For the record, I just don’t know how to explain all… but the thing with school is… It is the everyday things that we do and I hardly know a lot of them, but at least… it makes you who you are.

School indeed is a place of learning and a place of socializing… so while you are still at school you experienced many good and bad things… well, at least you had a good time.

Did you had a good time while you are at your school?


Eat, Sleep, Work, Play... The philosophy of Working people.

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