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On Kyoukai no Kanata’s Ending: Was it an omega*?



Kyoukai No kanata’s ED theme song is really good.

I just recently Finished KyoAni’s latest Show Kyoukai no Kanata and There are a lot of things that run through my mind as I think deeper…


The show was actually quite good on the first 4 epsiodes… Never to mention that the coming of a strong opponent was really handled well and the direction was flowing smooth so to speak.


My problem started when episode 5 kicks in… Everything comes to a sudden slowdown… and that ended on the episode 8 where things got a bit good in pacing.


the last 4 episodes are quite good but not considered to be called a masterpiece, though there are few things that I actually liked especially the last part of episode 11, where Akihito Jumped A huge distance just to get his old self and be Reunited with Kuriyama Mirai.


Thus I shall elaborate the Goods and not-so-goods of this show.


1. The pacing for the first 4 episodes are superb(though the entry of Sakura made me curious on why did she appear on that time.) It was really a top-tier month

2. The Animation Quality was of course Great(as expected from KyoAni), and art department realy had the heart to make this quite good even when they are not on action episodes.

3. I think Hiroomi is the most developed character in this show(despite having to flaunt his sis-con tendencies when it’s joke time). In my observation, I think he is actually the only one that really grew a lot(next was Mitsuki though who had a rather good late character development).

4. The last 2 episodes are truly great.

5. The ED theme song(Daisy) was so great, I still listen to it.


The not-so-good:

1. I think the show never cleared on many things as the show progresses, like who is Akihito on the eyes of her Mother? What is he really? Why is that Miroku guy so obsessed with Isumi, are they lovers? or Rivals?, Who is Akihito’s dad? does Akihito had an Imouto? Was the ‘calm’ happens under a periodic cycle or it’s a signal that the awakening of Kyoukai no Kanata? Why did Mirai came back? Act of God? or Fate… because the Kyoukai no Kanata resides in Akihito’s body once more?, Etc…

2. Probably Episode 6 was the craziest episode that I’ll ever thought of… But no Offense I liked it, But in terms of relevance to the story… I can say it’s a filler or a Fanservice Episode(no Beach Episode in this one).

3. Sakura’s side story is good, but It lacked the fierceness, It lacked grudge… truly, Sakura was a bit confused in this one.

4. Mirai and Akihito’s chemistry is like oil and water… they never mix, Unless I knew why he keeps on Pestering Mirai on how Beautiful she was when she wear her glasses… I’ll never ask this question.


MAL Scoring: 9 (a Bit High for It still had the awesomeness of the last part of episode 11 and the continuation of 12.)

My Rating: B+ (effort and Quality animation, Should had been a A- if the ending was even better and there are lot of questions answered before the end)


Question: should you watch it? You better watch it.


Is this really the end?

*omega refers to the last letter of the greek alphabet
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Spring anime Taste Test (Episodes 1-3)

Spring anime seems to me like this is a freaking good season…

this caption tells everything.

this caption tells everything.

But probably I am expecting too much.[not really]

Well, Few time to waste, I should probably say what’s awesome and what’s not based on what I watched.



1. Attack on TItan


Attack on Titan started like any Generic shonen shows out there, But What I liked about this show on how much angst the protagonist shows on it’s archnemesis(The Big Titan), And I guess… Later in the show he will show how much he had changed…


I am currently at the 4th episode and Thank God, I was about to get bored then this happened…

Reunion I've never dreamed of

Reunion I’ve never dreamed of.

Rating: Great

Grade: 7(My MAL Grading System for episodes 1-3), B+ (My standards)

2. Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

The Thief and the Princess

The Thief and the Princess

It’s not a fairytale based series, Seriously.


This show is how a hair-fetish guy who was a descendant of some Psycho-Killer… And a Queen whose hair cannot be cut and is a loli.

The action is decent and it has a good balance of action and comedy… I wish Studio Gokumi made this show a lot edgier and a lot bloddier… Well, at least when it is in Murder mode, Background color becomes green… so eerie.

green background.

green background.

Rating: Great

Grade: 8(MAL), A-(My Standards)

P.S. Iwai is soooo~ cute.

Hair... lot's of Hair.

Hair… lot’s of Hair.


1. Yuyushiki

a standard 4-koma adaptation

a standard 4-koma adaptation

Yuyushiki is not very engaging in the sense of it’s a slice-of-life show, but in the longer run, I think it will be something that deserves my recognition.(Just like how A-Channel and Tamayura did.)

You what this show needs? Yuri

yuri pic 1

yuri pic 1

[HorribleSubs] YUYUSHIKI - 03 [720p].mkv_snapshot_17.32_[2013.04.25_06.49.29][HorribleSubs] YUYUSHIKI - 03 [720p].mkv_snapshot_13.32_[2013.04.25_06.44.41]

But then I was somehow expecting that this show becomes Nichijou.

[HorribleSubs] YUYUSHIKI - 04 [720p].mkv_snapshot_05.12_[2013.05.02_00.55.33]

From the looks of things, I think I’ll finish this show.

Rating: Great+

Grade: 7(MAL), A(My Standards)

2. The Perverted Prince and the Stony Cat.

show in a nut-shell

show in a nut-shell

To shorten things, I like it…

[rori] Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko - 02 [1160B6B5].mkv_snapshot_12.44_[2013.04.22_01.15.11]

Rating: Good

Grade: 7(MAL), B(My Standards)


3. Hataraku Maou-Sama!

I only have 2 pictures...

I only have 2 pictures…

Hilarious, indeed.

But, on the other side things may get somehow exciting.

Hero stalking

Hero stalking

Rating: Good

Grade: 7(MAL), B(My Standards)

3. Railgun S


Railgun is back, I hope it was even more awesome than the first since they’ll be having Accelerator and Touma in this show, if you know what I mean.

the most awesome character in this show.

the most awesome character in this show.

I hope Kuroko gets more onee-sama! time.


Rating: Great(considering that this is wy more than worse)

Grade: 8(MAL), B(My Standards

4. Red Data Girl

It's weird

It’s weird

I only had one Comment, It’s slowwwww that it’s sooo weird in some sorts.

Izmiko’s life is indeed without a pinch of boredom.

Yes, the internet is now a tool for creating cults.

Yes, the internet is now a tool for creating cults.

Rating: Weird(in a good way)

Grade: 7(MAL), A-(my Rating)


1. Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties

[HorribleSubs] Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties - 01 [480p].mkv_snapshot_19.37_[2013.04.12_06.45.43]

Talk about Blood, Seriously, the art gets worse.

But the old-style Hayate no Gotoku Gags has returned.

Somehow I could finish this one have a good laugh at it in the end unless a certain Tsundere character decided to troll the whole series.

[HorribleSubs] Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties - 02 [480p].mkv_snapshot_12.13_[2013.04.17_14.36.09]

PS. I find A-tan and Fumi Cute.[HorribleSubs] Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties - 01 [480p].mkv_snapshot_05.54_[2013.04.12_06.31.45]

[HorribleSubs] Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties - 03 [480p].mkv_snapshot_05.29_[2013.04.24_06.42.45][HorribleSubs] Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties - 04 [480p].mkv_snapshot_06.22_[2013.04.30_07.01.49]

Rating: BAD(But it’s soooo Good)

Grade: 7(MAL),B(My Standard)

[Unknown standards]

1. Photo Kano

not intended for horror.

not intended for horror.

sure, that was munching good…

But, I still don’t know how will I last in this show.


[xxx] Unmentioned

1. OreImo 2 – No new updates, probably better than the first.

2. Devil Survivor 2 – Slow and too boring.

3. Valvrave the Liberator – Candidate for being a train wreck… But nonetheless, something refreshing.

4. Suisei no Gargantia – Urobochi’s newest show… But No Urobochi, no robots this time… unless you give us murder.


May I have found peace after this.

[HorribleSubs] Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties - 04 [480p].mkv_snapshot_06.19_[2013.04.30_07.01.43]



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a synopsis of what I did these few months…

Lately, I’ve been Busy chugging down work, anime and even sleep(I work at night and sleep at the day) so I rarely go to check out what’s in or what’s out.

Here is a quick view of what I had been doing all this time.

1. Watching Da Capo(DC, DCSS, DCiiSS, DCiii)



– Da Capo iii is somewhat close to borderline ecchi butthe actual game is only for 15+(wiki)Funny Indeed. But the thing that never fails in Da Capo is that it always makes my day somewhat above crazy. Though I think this one will go unnoticed… I’d like to say, try to look out for this one also(If you like fanservice).

2. Yama no Susume

moutnaineering is...

mountaineering is…

Yama no Susume is probably one of my fave slice of life shows since Aria and Natsuiro Kiseki. And I think this will go into the same direction as I have been discussing with myself not so long ago.

3. Sasami-san@Ganbaranai

How the heck can he drive without looking what's in front o you?

How the heck can you drive without looking what’s in front of you?

Sasami-san is eerie, in many ways. I think I underestimated this one.(but still underbudgeted). So yeah I think I’m gonna like this.

4. Tamako Market

the bird...

the bird…

Tamako Market… let me say it’s fantastic and at the same time very heartwarming(not much, mure like cuddly).

At least the bird is funny enough. But I think the reason why I still watch this show is that I find it very entertaining and very cuddling(as I said a while ago.)


5.Saki Achiga-hen Specials
[Anon] Saki Episode of Side A - 14 [720p].mkv_snapshot_15.22_[2013.01.30_09.22.09]

Pretty Impressive indeed, I was actually trying to learn riichi Mahjong but no luck, I still find this show awesome(more awesome than the original run, But a bit lower than Saki itself.

Nontheless, it enough to say that it wants to shine bright. All I can do is wait and hopefully they can deliver it in style.

Me watching yuri again.

Me watching yuri again.

on other note: Yuu-nee is so beautiful when she wears her glasses

yuu-nee in her glasses.

yuu-nee in her glasses.

6. Pokemon

photo courtesy of Funnymama.

photo courtesy of Funnymama.

I freaking love playing pokemon, I think it has consumed most of my time spent in the computer.

7. Work.

Work, well I guess this is primarily the best reason why am really busy and all. [SO busy I can’t watch ‘Be careful with my heart’ (a Philippine Drama with Romance+comedy and a bit of slice of life elements)].

And so, here is the synopsis of what I have done this past two months.

[HorribleSubs] Yama no Susume - 09 [720p].mkv_snapshot_02.53_[2013.02.28_14.03.46]

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a new inspiration

Currently, I am working in a nocturnal shift so this is extra effort for me.


my reaction after my first night working.

Currrently, Saki: achiga-hen and Tamako Market are the only few that makes me inspired to go further and push harder.


And yeah, I’m watching Da Capo III


strange cat – Check.

and probably a little dust bits of inspiration and expiration.


-The End.

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Project 7.11 Third Part: Top 30 (10-1)

Finally the tops 10 to 1 are now in play.

I should waste no more time.

10. Azumanga Daioh.

They started it all.

I wonder when was the last time a show not so serious as this one has shake the world of mine?

but well, out of so many titles J.C. Staff has shown. This one still stands above the many rest(though there are shows that still stands above this one…) I can’t complain to how easy and groovy this one goes. So that’s it.

9. Mawaru Penguin Drum

Survival Strategy!!!

How cruel fate is?

that’s how this story goes and as it progresses it shows not only the good sides of the characters, but also their ugly and their desperate side of the story and as a matter of fact this show was giant jig-saw puzzle where twists are at every corner…

But in a worthwhile, although it’s shrouded in mystery and a lot of critical thinking may needed to decrypt the whole story itself… For me, It was a show that makes you feel that there’s something more to come. And man I’m a fan of mystery.

8. Death Note

the notebook that changed the world.

Deathnote. Probably one of those show where anyone could be a villain and the hero at the same time.

It was so fascinating and very exhilarating to watch something like this. And most likely, even though I really loved this show. There are still few shows that is better(in my sense) than this one. But never forget that the legend of L and Kira will never die… unless you have never watched this show yourself. Get a copy now and get the whole thing down. and I’ll guarantee you, You’ll never stop watching this one.

7. Code Geass

*insert lelouch evil laugh*

Code Geass is one of the reason why My weeknights was full.

In the Philippines, This was aired every night between 7:30PM – 8:00PM dubbed in our Language. It was breathtaking, it was phenomenal, and it was crazy.

Code Geass was one of the reasons why I rediscovered anime all over again.

I guess this is a  bit better than re-watching Naruto or One Piece or Bleach which is something that is Pre-dominant in my country(Philippines).

6. Puella Magi Magica Madoka.

SHAFT at it’s best

Madoka, The one who run my last year of College like MAD.

I mean every week, I try never miss watching this show and it look what I’ve got… Headache from looking and speculating over and over again.

And what’s good, It was revutionary, it re-created the world of how people look at Maho Shoujo anime should work. and the show itself has proved that there are dark days behind being a hero.

5. Spirited Away

All I can say was… Beautiful. Bravo! Bravo!

Spirited away. An animated movie created by the great Hayao Miyazuki. The Pillar of Studio Ghibli.

It was a story of Good vs Evil, but with values. It was a battle fought without anyone dying in the movie. It only shows that there are battles that can be solved not by bloody battles, but by believing in your self and by having friends who can help you in the time of need.

All I can say to this film is. Bravo! Bravo! Beautiful.

4. Fullmetal Alchemist(2002 version and Brotherhood)

The Shonen Manga that you should be watching

Forget about Naruto, or Bleach, or Fairy Tale or One Piece.(Which I will never present to you.) But Instead, I’ll show you something of action, something of comedy, and best of all, something that doesn’t suck at all. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Fullmetal Alchemist.

for the span of 105 episodes(Fullmetal Alchemist 2002 and Brotherhood combined), I guess this is one of the show that you must not forget watching. And Yes, You must never miss this one because you are busy with the four shows I present to you above. I challenge you, watch this and I’ll be glad to have an argument.

3. Tamayura(the OVA + ~hitotose)


Welcome Home. This is what this show’s title was all about. It’s a story of a girl welcoming herself back to where his father came to love. And yeah , the show was slow paced but it was lighthearted and a show that actually doesn’t suck at all. Instead, you’ll fell the drowsiness flowing on how slow things are.

On the lighter side, Tamayura also proves that it does not need catchy plot or very fluid battle scenes to become one… It only needs to touch the hearts and minds of all of it’s viewers.

2. Clannad(Clannad and Clannad ~after story)

Key + KyotoAnimation + good cast of characters = Superb Drama.

Flattery asides, Clannad proves to what I have stated above that it only needs to touch one’s hearts for a story to become a masterpiece.

I would definitely recommend watching this show. I’m sure you’l cry watching this one.

1.Aria(the Animation, Natural and Origination)

Embarrasing comments are prohibited.

Well,that’s it. Aria is my best choice for the Top 30 list and without further ado, I’ll explain why.

It’s actually quite simple… It’s because I can’t move on a day without watching this one and this one gave me tears when the show is coming to an end and the emotion was so great that it was something that I’ll shall be remembering as the one who started it as a boring show… ended with a bang, people say goodbye and life goes on. and with changes, a new opportunity and a fresh start also begins.

And that’s it. My top 30 list.

I guess I’ll make the Runner up edition soon.

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Project 7.11 Second Part: Top 30 (11-20)

Luckily, I have time at this moment…

so as an Installment, here is my second part of my 4 part project.

I’ll waste no more time. I’ll deliver it to you now.

20. School Rumble (Season 1 and 2)

Harima gets all the girls.

School Rumble is one of those shows that I actually cared to repeat watching again…

Asides, this is also the show where the supporting characters gets their screen time.

But the one thing that still bothers me, why did the show ended with a big question?

19. ToraDora! 

Toradora is probably one of the few romance show that I had and also listed in my top 30.

Literally, it’s a crazy story of a girl and a boy both with different circumstances in life and have different   love interests… still ended up as a couple… and blah, blah, blah.

18. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (2006, 2010, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya)

The girl who run the world amok.

Haruhi is the show where common sense is not possible, though the concept of the show itself is sci-fi. therefore, this show really lacks in few things, how could it be so normal?

Haruhi is also one of the show where I was awed on how crazy things goes and how will Kyon handle the eccentricities of Haruhi.

I would actually recommend this show for those how is searching for romance/sci-fi/comedy.

But please, don’t watch endless 8.

17. Gake no Ue no Ponyo (Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea)

Ponyo is one of the animated movies that made it in the top 30 list (the other one is Spirited Away).

This movie reminds me of how 50’s American Cartoons were made, it was smooth and very fluid; rather than the American Cartoons that were made as of today.

I loved how this show progresses and how it was very refreshing to see once in a while a movie that makes you feel like a child.

16. Nichijou

Nichijou… is Awesome!!!

Nichijou was great. Since it is undeniably great I decided that I will put this one in my top 30.

And asides, I still need comedy in my life.

15. Saki (Saki and Saki: Achiga-hen)

The part where I almost cry seeing Toki took too much damage.


I never knew Mahjong could be this intense..

Nevermind the crazy scoring system and how should I play this game.

the important thing is there is action, fan-service and yuri(?).

And this show is definitely a good eye candy.

14. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

Probably the only CLAMP show belonged in the Top 30.

This show is the mixture of fun, fashion, Adventure and mystery.

This show has many things that I’m very amazed for; like fight scenes, the conspiracies and the awesomeness.

I actually recommend this one for a worthwhile enjoyment.

13. GA: Geijutsuka Arts Design Class

GA, is a wothwhile show.

It’s light hearted and it’s very entertaining. It’s also shows how good the interactions between the characters (the main and also the supporting ones too.)

For me, it already had a place in my heart and no matter what happens… It’s still a fun show watch.

12. Natsuiro Kieki

The latest addition to Top 30

Natsuiro Kiseki is somewhat very addicting…

actually, I just finished watching this show 2 weeks ago. so yeah… It’s a miracle I finished this one.

Feels like the rock’s fault.

But more importantly, this show proves that it is never to late to dream and also learn to accept changes.

11. K-on!

K-on! is probably the one of the few shows that made me an avid watcher of anime…

so yeah, it was warm and light and fluffy and the show itself was so full of fluff that maybe I’ll contract diabetes if I probably watch too much of this stuff.

animation wise… it’s too god.

story wise… well It’s fine but I admit I cried a few in the the finale and I can’t stop it.


Well, I guess…

That’s it the second part of my 4 part project.

the last part is definitely a blast.


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